Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How long will you be will us on our wedding day?

A: That very much depends on whether you book us for Full-Day or Half-Day photography.  With Full-Day we'll be with you from when you intend to start getting ready, right through until after your first dance.  Half-Day photography is usually a 6 hour session, which is usually enough to cover a mid-afternoon ceremony through to speeches.  If you would like us for longer, just ask!

Q: How do we book you?

A: After initial contact we will arrange a meeting, usually at your home, to discuss the details.  We feel that over a cup of tea or coffee we can all relax and get to know a little about each other, and ultimately you can get a feel for us and can decide whether of not we're right for you. Your date will be held, and confirmed upon completion of contract and receipt of your deposit.

Q: How many photographs will we receive?

A: We aim to deliver to you 400-500 photos that will tell the story of your day, from start to finish.  All of the photos we capture go through a strict degree of sorting and digital processing before reaching you - you will only receive the very best from us!

Q: Will you photograph every guest at my wedding?

A: We do try to capture everybody that we possibly can, however we cannot guarantee that we'll catch everybody - guests can easily be missed with so many in attendance on the day.  If there is anybody that you especially want photographing please let us know in advance of your wedding day.

Q: I have some specific photos of people that I would like taking - will you do that?

A: Of course we will.  Please fill in our wedding day specifics form, found here and we'll make sure your requests are fulfilled.

Q: There are two of you, will we get both of you on our wedding day?

A: Usually you will only have the one of us on your wedding day, however there are options available to you to have us both to capture your day from a second viewpoint.

Q: What do you do about eating on the day?

A: Obviously with the nature of the day we cannot and will not expect 'breaks' throughout the proceedings, but we do require a little time to eat - the best time being whilst you are having your meal.  We can be with you for up to 16 hours and therefore we ask for some form of food to be provided.

Q: How much do we pay you, and how?

A: We accept payments via cash, cheque and bank transfer.  An initial deposit of £100 is payable after our initial meeting to confirm your booking, with the remaining amount payable 30 days before your wedding day.

Q: I have a Pinterest board - can I share this with you?

A: Pinterest is a wonderful resource for ideas for your wedding, however it can be somewhat misleading with regards to your wedding photography.  Many photos you see on Pinterest of wedding couples and group shots are not from 'real' weddings, and are instead staged shoots using models and a lot of photographic equipment - a set-up that is literally impossible to re-create on your own wedding day without hugely disrupting the proceedings.  However, it's not all doom and gloom.  We will gladly take inspiration from your Pinterest board and come up with some great, yet practical, ideas with you!

Q: Are we protected if something goes wrong?

A: Simply, yes you are. We are fully insured for public liability and professional indemnity as well as having all our equipment PAT tested annually. As for bookings, we will honour all bookings that have paid fully at least 30 days before the wedding day. In the event of illness or injury we will (at our own expense) organise a replacement photographer from a reputable source for you.

Terms and Conditions

1. The services provided will be detailed in a quote, to the client, defining them and the costs involved. This will be agreed during meetings between the photographer and the client.

2. Any additional services, such as extra prints, compact discs or other items will be charged accordingly.

3. In the event of loss of images, the maximum compensation paid by Apollo Photo & DJ will be no more than the full amount agreed for the services rendered.

4. A non-refundable deposit will be required to confirm the booking a minimum of 6 (six) months before the date of the event.

5. The remainder of the balance will be payable a minimum of 1 (one) month before the date of the event.

6. The photographer will visit the venue and “scout” for areas to be used for photographs, as well as speaking with the church/ registry office to confirm details.

7. The client and photographer will meet no less than twice prior to the event to confirm details and individual needs.

8. No images are to be used by the client for financial gain, unless prior permission is granted.

9. Prior to the event, the client will choose how many images they wish to have within an album and the type of album. If they require this to be changed a surcharge may be incurred.

10. All images remain copyright of Apollo Photo & DJ and may not be reproduced without specific permission.

11. Images will be provided after the event as either a compact disk or preview images for the client.

12. The photographer reserves the right to use the images captured for promotional purposes but not for any other financial gain (i.e. Stock images, competitions).